I regret buying one of the top concealers

Today I'm sharing this post with you to show how important it is to do your research and read reviews before buying makeup products. In no way am I bashing this company or the product. This is my experience based on my skin type, and how the product worked for me.

Everyone sees almost every "beauty guru" using this concealer, and watching their face transform into this perfect canvas. But what most of them fail to mention when they say it's amazing is the fact that it is not good for dry skin. I'll never understand why nobody mentions their skin type when reviewing products, because it's detrimental to the way products work.

I have dry skin, and that is why I regret buying the Tarte shape tape concealer. Before you come for me in the comments, let me explain.
So after I bought it, I tried it and I love the coverage but on my skin it just caked up. It wasn't for lack of moisturizing or exfoliating either. I found my holy grail moisturizer that keeps my face moisturized all day, a hydrating primer and an exfoliator that works for me with other concealers and foundations also. This concealer is just horrible for dry skin.

It cakes up, accentuates your fine lines even after setting it, and setting powder with or without baking makes it look atrocious. I honestly wanted to love it, especially because of the money I was spending on it: $27 In their defense though they are a higher end brand and it does come with a good amount.

What confuses me though, is what it says on the description of the concealer when you look at it online:

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If it truly "moisturized" then wouldn't it be good on dry skin too? After reading reviews on multiple sites where it is sold I realized I'm not the only one who feels this way. I think they should add that it is not compatible with dry skin to prevent people from wasting their money.

Of course, I have still used it after I bought it...I just have to mix it with a concealer that is actually moisturizing and is good with dry skin. Only because I love the coverage and I didn't want to waste the whole thing after spending $27 on it.

Let me know in the commments:
1. How do you feel about this concealer, and what is your skin type? I would love to know your experience.
2. Did you buy it, and then regret it also?

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