The Ultimate Infant Christmas Gift Guide & Stocking Stuffers

Picking Christmas gifts in general is difficult, but it's even more difficult to choose gifts for baby's. When I had my first son I was lost, even on easter! That is why I put together this gift guide and stocking stuffer idea list for you!

The Ultimate Toddler Christmas Gift/Stocking Stuffers Guide

2 days before Christmas...I bring to you, my toddler gift guide!! I know, you're probably thinking "what have you been waiting for??" It's been crazy in my house lately. We recently moved to a new house, which has turned my toddler into a monster somehow. Also, my 6 month old never sleeps, so it's been difficult to get the house unpacked. But enough with that mini rant, my gift guide is here! Perfect for those last minute gifts, and shoppers.