Review of InstantPeel

It's been a while since I posted a review, so I'm back at it today. I'm very excited to tell you about this one, which is going to be my new obsession in my skincare routine.

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This peel is seriously satisfying, not just for the skin but it also gave me the same satisfying feeling I get when I peel my skin after having sunburn....wait, was that too far? I can't be the only one who feels that way.
Okay okay, let's get back to this product review. Below is a photo of my face taken before getting into the shower to try this product out.

skincare, skinpeel, dead skin cells, glowing skin, instantpeel, earthen skincare, before and after, lizforeverrr

Let's go over the flaws in my face before using this product, because it doesn't show very well in this picture.

  • My skin is very dry
  • Rough skin all over my face
  • Dirty pores
  • My skin looks dull

You might not think that my face looks too bad (besides the lack of makeup) but it really does, especially when you look at the before and after pictures.

Before I received InstantPeel, I was under the impression that it was a face mask. But in fact it's not, it's actually exactly what the name instantly peels when rubbed on the skin. So how do you use it?
Well, the directions are very clear on the back of every packet that comes in the box [there are 6 single use packets in each box.] You must steam your face(or skin on the body) in the shower for 5 minutes before applying any of this product to your face or body, since it's not a face mask.

I followed the instructions very carefully to give an accurate review. I steamed my skin for 5 minutes while I washed my hair, and then I applied a small amount to a small section of my face. With back and forth motions, it immediately started to peel. I made sure to continuously rub back and forth so it didn't dry up on my face. Once the peeling stopped, I felt that area of my face and it was so unbelievably soft!!! Guys, I'm not even kidding. You have to try this, because it will change your skin.

Another thing that is amazing about this product is that it clears away dead skin cells, and doesn't recognize living cells. So you are clearing out all of those nasty dead cells, without damaging any other cells on your face.

I know, you are probably sitting there thinking "just show me the before and after pictures" I know, I know...but first lets see what InstantPeel claims to do so we can accurately determine whether it worked for me:

  • Peel away dead skin cells, debris, and impurities revealing your skin's natural glow, youth and vibrancy. 
  • Your skin dramatically improves and becomes more vibrant with each use of InstantPeel
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Works on most of the body

InstantPeel also stops working once all the debris and dead skin cells have peeled away, revealing your natural, healthy, glowing skin. All of this information listed came right off of the box, so I am not claiming anything on their end.

Are you ready for the before/after picture?...

skincare, skinpeel, dead skin cells, glowing skin, instantpeel, earthen skincare, before and after, lizforeverrr

Now I wonder if you are as impressed as I am. You will immediately notice how much brighter my skin is. It isn't rough anymore, and it looks and feels amazing. I without a doubt recommend this product.

I love this product and I will be purchasing some more. This box was generously given to me in exchange for my review. But as always, if I don't like a product I will be completely honest about it.

If you are interested in purchasing InstantPeel, you can go here: this is not an affiliate link.

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