Finding the best "Too Faced" Promo Codes

Most people shop online because of the discounts available. But what do you do when you fail to find a great promo code after you have searched for a while on google? Usually, we either decide to pass on buying something we really want, or we buy it anyway paying full price.

The first place you usually look is on google, but google doesn't always show you all of the places you can find promo codes. Especially for companies that hardly have promo codes, or are hard to find like "Too Faced." Mostly all of the top results are the same every time, and who wants to look through pages of results to find different websites? 

Let's compare a couple of websites and see how they compare for Too Faced specifically.

Making a search on Google

To start, I made a quick search on google to see what would pop up. Let's check some of them out, before searching on my go-to coupon website Dealspotr.

This is where some websites can trick you with the title on google, as you can see above on google it says "20% off Too Faced Cosmetics" but I see no codes for that when I entered the website:

As I scroll down, I still do not see any promo codes for this 20% off offer....

There are a few offers, but they are not very eye catching. Lets check the next one on the list, because this one has failed us.
As you can see, the title of this one (second one on the list from our google search) it says "Up to 60% off Too Faced coupon, etc.." 

This is the first thing I see when I clicked it...

Once again, I don't see anything near 60% off of Too Faced products. So this is another failed attempt. 
Let's try one more before jumping to Dealspotr. 

To save myself some time, I decided to go to Brad's Deals instead of going to the next one on our google search list because they didn't look promising. 

This is what came up when I searched on google for Brad's Deals specifically...

And, once again I was disappointed because absolutely nothing came up when I clicked on the first link which states there are 12 promo codes for Too Faced.


To be fair, I went to google to search for Too Faced promo codes on Dealspotr. 

Looks pretty promising, but lets go to Dealspotr directly to search for promo codes instead. 

So I searched in the search box at the top of my home screen on DealSpotr for Too Faced so I can be brought directly to the Too Faced page. (I covered up my information)

This is what I initially see on the Too Faced Cosmetics page....

Scrolling down a little bit, on the left-hand side I can filter what type of Too Faced codes/deals I want to see. 

That is a great tool to use to save time scrolling through tons of codes. I clicked "Single Use Codes" from the list of different types of codes and this is what came up..

You can see all of them have a high likelihood of working. Right next to that you can see when it expires and when it was validated. 

Here is a close-up of one of the deals to show you a little bit clearer...

That is one reason I love Dealspotr, you can see the likelihood of a deal working before even trying to use it. 

Next, I am going to try to use one of the codes on the page, let's use the one I just posted above. 

First, I click here...

A window pops up, and it brings me here. 

If you scroll down on that page a little bit you can see on the right hand side that show the code works from real people and screenshots. These are called verification's, to prove the coupon works as stated. That is where the likelihood of working bar comes from on each code. 

To use this code, copy the code by clicking here....

And now I can click "Go there Now" to use my code..

Clicking "Go there Now" brings me here to the Too Faced website.

After adding items to my cart, I go to checkout. Here is my cart right now before the promo code is entered...

Right under my order total, is the promo code box. I enter my code. 

After I pressed enter, at the top of the page it says "promo code successfully applied" 

Looking at the right hand side I can see my discount was applied, and my total went from $180 to $144. So this promo code was a success! 

With these same steps, you can find promo codes and deals on Dealspotr for any store. With rewards to members for posting valid deals, coupons and promo codes, this makes Dealspotr extremely accurate, with over 5 million deals. Dealspotr also has advanced code searching tools to make it simple to find what you are looking for. 

Join Dealspotr today! It's completely free to be a member, start saving money and earning rewards. 

This article is sponsored by Dealspotr, but any and all opinions are mine. I will never work with a company I do not believe in or trust. 


  1. Lovely article and great review! it is always so frustrating when you click on a site and the deals have already expired, can't wait to check this out :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. You are going to love Dealspotr.

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