30 Week Pregnancy Update!

Whoa, only 10 more weeks left in this pregnancy!!

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I can't believe how much faster this pregnancy is going compared to my last, but in a short amount of time it will start to slow down. After all, the last couple of weeks feel like years!

Everything was going great in my last pregnancy update, which I believe was at 20 weeks and if you missed that one you can read it here: 20 weeks. Unfortunately, as soon as I clicked publish on that update, I got a call from my doctor. It wasn't exactly an expected phone call either, because it had been about a week since my last ultrasound so I assumed that everything was okay.

What my doctor said was that my placenta is partially covering the opening of my cervix. So, because of that they were putting me on pelvic rest until I get another ultrasound later in my pregnancy. She also said that if I have any bleeding to either call the office right away or go into the emergency room. OKAY.....you would think she would continue explaining and not just leave me at that, but she didn't. That's all she said. Obviously I was scared, and I was a little bit in shock so I didn't really know what to say.

And what do you do when your doctor doesn't give you enough information? You go on google, which is probably the one thing you shouldn't do. But I did, and scared myself even more. My biggest concern was that I would need a c-section, because that is terrifying to me. This is what I found out: What I have is called "Partial Placenta Previa" and the symptoms that can occur with this is bright red vaginal bleeding in the second half of pregnancy, and this condition can also cause severe bleeding before or during delivery. Turns out, I would HAVE to have a c-section if my placenta does not move out of the way. Good news is that with partial placenta previa there is a higher chance of my placenta actually moving out of the way as my uterus expands. There is still a chance that it won't though. So I can't completely depend on that.

Scary, right? One thing concerned me about this also is that I have O- blood. If you don't know, O- can be used universally, but anyone who has that blood type can only receive O- blood when a blood transfusion or something similar is needed. I'm sure the hospital has blood supply, but I'm such a worry-wart.

While I was on the phone with my doctor though, I did express my concern about waiting until later in my pregnancy to do a follow up ultrasound considering I had my son prematurely at 34 weeks and was given no reason as to why that happened. Since they were going to wait until 36 weeks to give me another ultrasound, and I was only 20 weeks at the time...this was concerning. I had an ultrasound every month with my son, but I guess this doctor does things differently. Anyway, I was frustrated because on the phone the doctor said that I can request a sooner ultrasound if I am concerned about it...but when I did it was refused. The reason being because when the uterus expands bigger, there is a chance that my placenta will move out of the way...but if they give me an ultrasound too early they can mis-diagnose it. So I have no choice but to wait.

But right now, I am trying my best to stay positive, and trying to limit my activity along with trying not to lift my 2 year old son too much.

Okay, I definitely just rambled forever about that, so let's move onto a little update about my Makena shot. In my last update, I explained what it was for but I didn't start the injection yet. I did start the injection not too long after that, and I've had 3 injections so far.

Let's move to symptoms...

Swelling- Fun! I woke up one day with pretty bad swelling on my hands/wrists. And I was worried about pre-eclampsia because my mother had pre-eclampsia with all 3 of her kids including me. So I called my doctor, but they were not concerned because I haven't had any other issues this far into my pregnancy.

Shortness of Breath- Breathing has definitely been a workout lately since baby boy is starting to get bigger and bigger each week.

Itchy-Itchy!! My belly, and boobs have been so itchy lately it's become a bother. I put lotion on about a million times a day, but it only helps me for about two minutes before it's back. So it's something I've just had to accept. Recommendations on things that can help me are welcome!!

Heartburn- It's been so bad twice that I actually threw up. Milk is the only thing that somewhat helps, and I say that because I can't take tums or any other medicine for that matter without puking. I have such a low tolerance for pills. But on the plus side, baby boy might come out with a head full of hair like his big brother did!

Soreness- I usually feel extremely sore in my pelvic area when I wake up in the morning. I'm not sure why but it's a little painful. It does go away after about a half hour of being awake, so maybe it is just the way I'm sleeping.

So Thirsty! One thing I can not seem to get enough of is water. Which is very weird for me because I absolutely hate water, and usually never drink it. But it's been the only thing I drink, besides my coffee in the morning.

So that's about it for my 30 week pregnancy update. I hope you all enjoyed. If you are reading this because you are 30 weeks pregnant, let me know if you are feeling the same way in the comments. I would love to hear. Don't forget to follow me on social media below for daily updates, and to chat with me!

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