Amazing Christmas Mantels

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Christmas is my favorite holiday. So I love looking at everyone's decorations every year, whether it's driving through town or looking at pictures on my computer.

Today, I thought I would share with you some amazing mantel's decorated for Christmas. Unfortunately, I can not take inspiration from these because I don't have a mantel to decorate. But I think there is a mantel in here for you, no matter your taste.

I gathered my favorite ones from all over the internet for you, enjoy!


This mantel is very bold, and beautiful! It uses the traditional Christmas colors, and most of the decorations are Christmas bulbs. Which, somehow seem to multiply in most homes.


If you don't have very many Christmas decorations, or you just don't feel like going all out this one is definitely for you. The stockings are the statement piece, while everything else is very simple. 


How beautiful is this one? Kind of similar to the first one, but a little bit more toned down. Although it might not look that way because there are a lot more lights. 


Winter Wonderland! That is what this one reminds me of, and that is why I love it so much


This is one I found interesting, because somehow I have never seen anyone put light up snowmen on their mantel. It gives just the right amount of decoration on top. 


Another simple, but gorgeous set up! 


Gorgeous white decorations with pops of blue, simple and elegant. 


As you can tell, this one is out of the box. Definitely different then what most people do, but it is amazing. It looks great and fun. 


Have I included too much blue? I'm sorry but it is so beautiful!!


Last but not least, another creative one! This one is colorful, and has a countdown to Christmas. But, most of all, I saw another one like this one with goodies inside each day like a diy advent calendar, which blew my mind. 

I hope these mantels put you in the Christmas spirit, and give you inspiration! Leave me your feedback in the comments, and don't forget to subscribe by email at the top side bar to never miss a post! 

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  1. love these ! so creative ! number 10 is my favorite :)