Pregnancy Update!

I'm Pregnant with baby number 2!!!

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I have been feeling so sick and my energy levels are very low. As some of you may know if you follow me on social media, I have a little boy who will be 2 in about a week. So it hasn't been easy chasing him around and feeling like I have to puke 24/7. But I am loving every minute of it, because it is such a blessing to be able to give my son a little brother or sister.

I am so excited to be having my second baby. This pregnancy so far has been so much different then my first, so let's get into the symptoms.

Today I am 9 weeks 6 days pregnant and my symptoms...they have been hard. I usually keep my house very clean, and it has been the complete opposite lately. Luckily, my wonderful boyfriend has been helping out as much as he can..since he does work full time. But I have been slowly getting my energy back, so that's something good out of that symptom.

Another symptom that has been terrible since week 4...nausea. Nausea is one thing I am terrible at dealing with, I don't want to get off the sofa or do anything when I am nauseous. Which..may I add has been completely impossible since I have a 2 year old to take care of. Luckily, I have been able to control it 50% of the time, as long as my nausea is because I am hungry I can get rid of it. But if it is just random nausea, the only thing that takes that away is if I end up puking.

That's another thing though, it is hard for me to not get nauseous at all during the day because of hunger...since I am hungry every 10 minutes. Literally, no matter how much I eat or how often I eat..I am always hungry. And to be honest, it is pretty annoying. I never dealt with this symptom when I was pregnant with my son, so it is completely new to me. Of course I was more hungry then usual with my son, but not to this extent.

So I did have my first OBGYN appointment already, but it was a pretty boring appointment. Just a bunch of questions, since I don't live in the same area as I did in my first pregnancy I have a new doctor. I did get some news that I am not too happy about since I had complications with my first pregnancy and gave birth to my son at 34 weeks, that comes with precautions this time. My doctor is going to give me a shot every week at a certain point in my pregnancy to prevent premature labor. I mean, it is obviously a great thing to be able to prevent premature labor, but I do still have to talk to her about the side effects and things like that.

I will be getting my first ultrasound in a couple weeks, as soon as I can schedule it. Because at this point, I have no idea how many babies I am growing right now. Which is kind of scary considering twins do run in my family!

So that's it for this pregnancy update, I will not be posting these every week just because not much changes in a week. I will probably do around every two weeks, but if anything happens between that time I will probably post an early one. So make sure to subscribe through email to my blog to get notified when I publish a new post. I promise you will not get any emails from me unless I post.

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