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The products I am sharing with you today are those which I have been using for a month straight without a question. I reach for these everyday when I do my makeup. With these products, I can create natural looks, or more dramatic looks. I will never share products with you if I did not like them, well...unless I am writing a bad review. 

Also, I thought I should mention that all of these products were bought with my own money, and this post is in no way sponsored by anyone. 

The first product I will like to talk about is this MANNA KADAR lip locked priming gloss stain. This color is the perfect nude for my skin color, since I am very pale I don't like very pale nudes. This one is in the shade "lucky" it is a slightly pinkish nude. It flatters my skin color, and it glides on very easily, and it is not extremely glossy. It gives the perfect amount of gloss and color to your lips. It retails for $14.95 on amazon, and there are 7 other colors. 
Here is the link to this product: MANNA KADAR "LUCKY" PRIMING GLOSS STAIN


Next up, the Alice Through the Looking Glass palette from Urban Decay. I love the color range in this palette so much, there are toned down colors and then there are more intense colors also. All of the colors in this palette have at least a little bit of shimmer in them. There is no mattes what so ever. But that is what I like, because usually similar colors in other palettes do not have shimmer in them. The color payoff is great, but I wouldn't test that with a swatch with your finger...I have done it with my finger and a brush, and let me tell you there is a big difference. Some shadows swatch differently then when you are actually applying to a brush, so keep that in mind when purchasing eye shadow palettes. My favorite color in this palette is called "Heads will Roll" and it is the 4th color in the first row. This color is a very shimmery turquoise, and it is GORGEOUS! You can purchase this palette directly on the Urban Decay website, or at ulta and sephora, and it retails for $60

Now this product is a little out of my comfort zone, so I was a little hesitant to buy it...but I am glad that I did. This is the NYC Expert Last lipstick in the shade "Forever Fuchsia" number 447. It is a VERY bright pink with a the tiniest bit of shimmer to it, and a little glossy-ness. I usually apply one light layer to my top and bottom lip and i'm good. Unless I am going out somewhere at night, then I will go a little bit heavier, because it is a very intense color. You can purchase this at basically any drugstore, walmart, etc. It usually retails for less then $2

The next product is the Urban Luxe 99 color eye shadow palette by bh cosmetics. This palette also contains mostly shimmery shades. But they are all so pigmented and creamy, which is AWESOME because since it is a 99 color palette the pan sizes are pretty small. Which means they you will run out faster, right? Not exactly, since the pigment is so only need a little bit at a time. So you get the most out of each color. I use this on a daily basis, because there are just so many shades in here, and to be quite honest if you don't have any palettes right now this is the one to get because there is a huge selection of colors. Again, with this palette you can create softer looks, or more intense. You can purchase this palette at the bhcosmetics website and it retails for $28, BUT right now they are having a sale, and this palette is priced at $14!! I don't know how long the sale will last, so go check it out before it's too late. 

I am so glad I bought this next product on the list, which is the Maybelline New York master precise liquid eyeliner in the shade "black" Now, I forgot to take a shot of the tip of this, but it is very "precise" like the name. The tip is velvet, and it glides on your eyes with no problem. If you have issues doing the perfect wing, this product can help with that. I'm not telling you that you will never mess up your liner again, but it definitely helps you master your liner. Another thing I love about this liner is that it lasts very long, one night I fell asleep with this on and woke up the next day with it looking exactly like it did the day before. Don't quote me on that though, maybe it was the way I slept...but I thought I would mention it. I bought mine at walmart, but i'm sure you can find it at any drugstore, walmart, etc. and it retails for around $8. (I found mine at walmart for $8)

Now time for some tools! These are my go to brushes, and they are AMAZING. From left to right I am going to name the brush just in case it is too hard to see in the picture I took. 
Morphe M508, Morphe M505, Morphe M330, Morphe M510, Morphe M504
What do I use each of them for? M508( cleaning up liquid lipstick around my lips, and blending lower lash line) M505(blending) M330(blending crease) M510(highlighting) M504(blending) 
As you can tell, almost all of these are amazing blending brushes. One key to mastering your makeup is the kind of brush you are using, if you are using the wrong brush your makeup will continue to look the same. Make sure you are using a fluffy brush for blending, because it will make blending a breeze. I received these in the morphe brush subscription box, but you can find them on 

Next on the list is something I can not live without, mascara! This is the Maybelline Pumped Up Collosal Volume mascara, and it is waterproof. The packaging is gorgeous, and the brush on it is very fluffy which I love. I have long lashes alone without mascara, and it just sets them higher and gives them way more definition. Another thing is that it is easy to build up on my lashes without clumping, I wipe the brush off a little bit on the edge of the tube to get the excess off, and then I apply my coat or coats of mascara. A little tip, if you are having issues with mascara clumping sometimes it helps to brush you lashes with a lash brush, and wipe your mascara wand off a little bit before applying. You can again, purchase this at any drugstore, walmart, etc and it retails for around $6 (I found mine at walmart for $5.40) 

The next product I was actually hesitant to buy because I have dry skin, and sometimes powder can cause a disaster on your face if you have dry skin. This is the Maybelline Fit Me Set+Smooth powder, which means it sets your makeup and also smooths your face. The packaging states it is for normal to dry skin, so everyone can use it. I don't use it alone, I apply it over top of the next product below and it makes my makeup look flawless, and definitely feels very light weight. Inside when you open it up, the powder is right on top, and there is another flip up which contains the mirror and a sponge to apply. Although, I don't use the sponge for my whole face I solely use it to set my under eyes along with this powder and it actually works...and then I use a fluffy blush brush to apply the powder to the rest of my face. This one is in the shade porcelain 110. and you can purchase this basically at any drug store that sells maybelline products, walmart, etc. and it retails for around $5 (I found mine at walmart for $4.97)

Last but not least, foundation! This is the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth. This one is for normal to dry skin, and it is AMAZING. Literally, this foundation is my favorite out of all foundations I have used in the past. It gives you the perfect dewy look for summer without making your face look like it is just greasy. It actually hydrates your skin and gives a natural looking finish along with being lightweight. When I wear this, I don't feel like I have makeup on at all. Mine is in the shade Classic Ivory 120, and you can purchase this at walmart, or any drug store. It retails for around $5 (Walmart for $4.97)

And that wraps up my favorites for this month, as you probably noticed...I did not mention any concealer, blush, or bronzer. Well, that is because I haven't found one that I am totally in love with right now. I have been using a blush from maybelline, but it is so worn out that a picture wouldn't do anything for it. As for the bronzer, it may be hard to believe...but I don't use bronzer at all.

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