Bad Review of Somasix Magnetic Letters and Numbers

So, I just want to start out by saying that I gave these magnets a fair chance when I received them for $2 instead of full retail price, in exchange for my honest review. I thought it would be a perfect thing to keep my son away from the stove while I am making dinner, but it turns could have injured him if I wasn't as aware of what he was doing while playing with them.

NOTE**When I received the product, it was in great condition, the box was not destroyed either.

I was so exited to receive this product, so as soon as it arrived, I opened the box and put all the letters on my fridge for my son. He had just turned 1, so he was old enough to play with them under supervision. As I was doing the dishes, he was sitting on the floor playing with them one minute.

Next thing I know, I looked over and noticed he had something in his mouth. So I went and was the little square magnet off of the letters!! Since I didn't know exactly how the magnet came off, I was interested.

So I sat there with him playing with the letters, and all he had to do was basically pull the magnet out from the back of the letters, and it came off. I will remind you again, he was only 1 years old...and it is not acceptable to have the magnets come off that easily. He could have choked very badly if I didn't notice he had a magnet in his mouth.

I was not expecting to make a bad review of this product, because the quality of the magnets definitely looked very durable. But it turns out, they were not. Even though I did receive this product at a heavy discount, I would not purchase these ever again, or recommend them to anyone.

I hope you guys enjoyed this honest review, and if you have any questions regarding this, please leave a comment below!

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