The things we say we will NEVER do as parents, but do anyway

When we see other parents doing certain things with their kids, we sometimes think to ourselves "I will never do that, or allow that." But then it all changes when you become a parent. Here are some examples from what I have said before I was a mother and what I've heard from other mothers.

"I will never let my kid make a mess with their food" - Lets be honest, it is not that big of a deal.

"I'll never bring my baby out in public in their pajamas" - Sometimes as mother, we either have not gotten to the laundry yet, or its just not worth getting them dressed.

"My baby will never eat any sweets or junk food"

"Buying shoes for babies is just a waste of money" - And then you end up having more shoes for your baby then for yourself.

"My baby will not drink out of a bottle after he/she is 1 years old"

"I'll never give my baby a bottle in his/her crib"

"I will not become a google mom or be paranoid about every little thing"

"I won't constantly hold my baby and spoil them"

"My baby will never have a pacifier"

"My baby will sleep in his/her crib, not in bed with me"

"I will only feed my baby organic foods"

"When I have my baby, I will still take some time for myself'" - But nobody realizes how hard it is to leave your baby at home with someone else and enjoy yourself without feeling guilty or having anxiety until they experience it themselves.

"I will not become the kind of mother who wears the same clothes for three days in a row, and hasn't washed her hair in weeks"

"My baby will not be watching TV until he/she is 1 and even then..not for more then a couple minutes a day"

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