Candy Club Discount!!

Candy Club is a monthly subscription box for candy!! Candy Club has delicious, premium candy delivered right to your door.

Before you sign up to get your box, you will complete a short survey and they will choose one of the three boxes for you. The first option is the club favorites which is a mix of fruity and sour candy, the next option is club classics which is all the fruity candies, the last option is club sours which is all sour candy.

You do not have to use the box the survey picks for you, you can choose whatever box you want.

You will receive three signature jars (like pictured above) with three pounds of candy total in your box and all of them are different. Plus they surround your box with taffy or some other type of random candy.

Click this link or click the banner to the right of the page to get 50% off your first box AND free shipping :)

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and subscribe via email to never miss a thing! :)

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