Get rid of Super Lice without chemicals

Most of us depend on store bought lice treatments to get rid of lice. But what some people don't know is that the lice today, also known as "super lice" are prone to most treatments out there. That's when you have to take care of it yourself, from products you probably already have in your home. Why would you want to use chemicals on your child's head or your anyway, right?
What you will need:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Lice comb (fine toothed, and with the teeth of the comb very close)
  • Shower cap
The first step you will need to take after you confirm that you or your child has lice: Untangle the hair, and rub the coconut oil all over the scalp and all over the hair. ( If you are using solid coconut oil, rub it into your hands until it becomes liquid ) Leave it in the hair for atleast six hours, or overnight. Wrap hair in a shower cap if you leave it in overnight.

Second step: Untangle hair completely, and run the lice comb through every single spot in your hair. It is easier to separate portions of hair to make sure you didn't miss anything. Repeat until you don't pick up and eggs or lice on your comb for at least five strokes through.

Third Step: Wash out the coconut oil with shampoo and conditioner

Fourth Step: Repeat this cycle every two to three weeks, because if there are still eggs in the hair they will hatch and your head will be filled with lice once again. If you repeat this cycle every two to three weeks for about a month or two you will remove the lice before they can keep laying eggs.

Useful Tip: Adding tea tree oil to your shampoo will prevent lice from entering your hair.

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