20 Blog Post Ideas

We all get writers blog once in a while. So here are some ideas to break the writers block!

  1. Favorite Recipes- Share some recipes that you love making, or recently discovered that were a hit
  2. Buy something recently? Share a review with your viewers
  3. Share a talent of yours-  A lot of people are constantly looking to try new things out
  4. Share some life hacks- People love discovering new things to make their life easier
  5. Share pictures and a story about a recent road trip or travel journey
  6. Tell a story about a life experience
  7. Tell a story about a difficult situation you experienced and how you got through it
  8. Make a list of your favorite movies or songs
  9. Are you good at planning? Share some tips on how you became successful at planning
  10. If you budget your money, make a post about how you made your budget. Some people don't know how to
  11. Make a post about quick and easy meal ideas
  12. Do a house/apartment tour, either with pictures or a video. 
  13. Write out a morning routine, or make a video on it
  14. Share your favorite coffee and why you love it so much
  15. Write a post about whats on your bucket list
  16. Cleaning hacks- share some cleaning hacks that will make peoples lives easier
  17. Doing something exciting today? Or maybe very soon? Share it on your blog
  18. DIY's-  these are very big hits, and people love reading them
  19. Write about your fears
  20. Have you epicly failed at something? Write about it, or share some pictures
I hope this helps you! Let me know what you think about these ideas in the comments, and let me know if it helped!

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